Himank Gupta

  Software Engineer

  MaaS R&D Department

  Denso Corporation



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About me

I am currently working at MaaS R&D department in Denso Corporation.
I am a final year Master student in the department of Computer Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH). I work with Prof. Antony Franklin A. and Prof. Bheemarjuna Reddy Tamma. My research interests include Computer Network, IoT, Software-Defined networking, Wireless & Cellular Network, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval and deep learning. On the application side, I have developed a prototype for LTE-Wi-Fi aggregation and Cloud-RAN architecture using OpenAirInterface5g .


2016 - 2018


Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad
Masters of Technology (M.Tech)
Computer Science & Engineering
GPA: 9.15/10

2010 - 2014


G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology
Bachelors of Technology (B.Tech)
Computer Science & Engineering
GPA: 7.43/10


2019 (Oct - Present)


Denso Corporation
MaaS R&D Department
Manager: Dr. Tatsuya Okabe

2015 (Mar - Dec)


Tata Consultancy Services, Pune
Manager: Mrs. Jaisy Jacob
Project: Worked on development "Risk Engine Framework" for "Credit Suisse" bank.




The University of Tokyo, Japan
Supervisor: Prof. Akihiro Nakao
Project: User-defined spectrum scheduling in mobile networks.



Scuola Superiore SantAnna, Pisa, Italy
Supervisor: Prof. Luca Valcarenghi
Project: Impact of different virtualization technologies on Mobile Cloud.



Samsung R&D Institute, Delhi
Manager: Mr. Puneet Goyal
Project: Developed a PoC for casting iPhone/iPad’s screen to a Linux machine using Airplay protocol.




Apt-RAN: A Flexible Split Based 5G RAN to Minimize Energy Consumption and Handovers
Himank Gupta, Mehul Sharma, A. Franklin, and B. Reddy Tamma
IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management (TNSM) 2019
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Impact of Virtualisation Technologies on Virtualised RAN Midhaul Latency Budget: A Quantitative Experimental Evaluation
F. Giannone, K. Kondepu, Himank Gupta A. Franklin, P. Castoldi, and L. Valcarenghi
IEEE Communications Letters 2019
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Kora: A framework for dynamic consolidation relocation of control units in virtualized 5G RAN
D. Mishra, Himank Gupta, B. Reddy Tamma, and A. Franklin
IEEE International Conference on Communication (ICC), Kanas City, USA
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A framework for real-time spam detection in Twitter (Poster)
Himank Gupta, M. Saalim Jamal, S. Madisetty, and Maunendra Sankar Desarkar
International Conference on COMmunication Systems & NETworkS (COMSNETS), Bengaluru, India
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How much is fronthaul latency budget impacted by ran virtualisation ?
Himank Gupta, D. Manicone, F. Giannone, K. Kondepu, A. Franklin, P. Castoldi, and L. Valcarenghi
1st International Workshop on Federated Testbeds for NFV/SDN/5G (Co-located with IEEE NFV-SDN 2017), Berlin, Germany
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PRECISE: Power aware dynamic traffic steering in tightly coupled LTE Wi-Fi networks
T Pasca S, Himank Gupta, B. Reddy Tamma, and A. Franklin
IEEE International Symposium on Pesonal, Indoor & Mobile Radio Communication (PIMRC), Monteral, Canada.
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Impact of ran virtualization on fronthaul latency budget: An experimental evaluation
F. Giannone, Himank Gupta, D. Manicone, K. Kondepu, A. Franklin, P. Castoldi, and L. Valcarenghi
IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM) Singapore.
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Contact Me

Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad  
Kandi, Sangareddy - 502285
Telangana, INDIA